Artist Statement

Those who contemplate the beauty of the Earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.” -Rachel Carson

While hiking the hills surrounding my home I am always struck by how all things are connected; the water to the soil, the soil to the trees, the trees to the sunlight, all combining to create a world that I too become part of the whole. When immersed within the sights and sounds of the natural world the mind is quieted and heart is opened.

Flowing water and aspen trees are personal symbols of these interactions. Water constantly flows toward a culminating point, building up, wearing down and nourishing everything it comes in contact with. Similarly, the strength of an Aspen is not found within a single tree, but within the network of roots linking it to the surrounding trees. All aspens grow from a single tree whose roots spread wide, occasionally breaking the surface and creating new life.

I work with poured paint for the way it flows on the paper and combines with other colors, creating unexpected combinations, not unlike the life altering flow of water. The images are built up layer by layer, constructing areas of ebb and flow, interest and reprieve. Painting with a palette knife incorporates the feel of the rough texture of rocks and trees, that juxtaposed with the flat, fluid nature of the poured paint recreates the contrasts evident in nature.


© Annie Farley 2012


88 Spring Salon, Springville Museum of Art
New Artist Exhibit, Repartee Gallery
Pop Up Gallery, Woodbury Art Museum
UVU Student Fine Art Show, Woodbury Art Museum
Studio Seven Sixty
UVU Rotunda Gallery Artist Exhibition


Woodbury Art Museum
    Best of Show 2012
Art of our Century
    Purchase Award
    Honorable Mention
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